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You are amazing! You ARE a Fantastical Being! You are the most complex instrument we know of to conduct, measure and transform energy. You are in relationship with everyone and everything around you because you are exchanging energy with everyone and everything around you, whether you are aware of it or not.

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I was born, like everyone else, with no filters, into a world of judgement and fear. No-one told me that I was exchanging energy with my environment, or why or how, so I just kept leaking energy out into the world and taking on energy that I couldn't hold in balance from the world around me. I was always affected by  the energy of others, which was exhausting, especially when I didn't understand what was going on.


I had to learn how to manage my energy levels. Now I am aware that I am constantly in relationship with everything around me, and that I need to consciously manage the energy I exchange with everything and everyone around me if I want to stay well. I have been lucky to come across many fantastic ways of working to keep my own energy levels re-sourced. I want to share those tools in a way that people can hear them, feel them and use them to sustain themselves through the crises and the opportunities of the 21st century.

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To understand everything we can about how to re-source ourselves, we need to understand the nature of our being. We are energy beings. We need Life Force energy to survive. We don't totally understand or agree on what that Life Force energy is or where it comes from. I want to create spaces where we can explore our awareness of ourselves as energy beings and share those insights with each other to accellerate the learning process for everyone.  I want to create spaces where people can be respectful of and accepting of each other's experiences of energy.


No two humans will have the same fingerprint. No two humans will experience energy in exactly the same way. I want to create spaces that are free of judgement where we can encourage people to learn from their own and each others' experiences of energy rather than having to defer their authority, power and agency to someone else to tell them what that experience means.


I always had a really strong sense that I could not separate myself from other people's suffering and I was always trying to make things better for others. By the time I was in my teens I was completely out of balance. I studied anthroplogy to try and find out how cultures are constructed to sustain our values which underpin our behaviours and what we believe is possible. I worked in the health food trade to try to find out about how to best look after myself with food and natural remedies. But I still thought that healing was something only 'special' people could do.

Tough lessons in my life have helped me learn that energy work is not magic or 'woo woo' -  it's just about how we are exchanging energy every day with the world around us. I have been involved in this process every moment of my life, often without realising it. It wasn't until I was in my 30s that I started to come across a realistic explanation of what was going on. Knowledge really is power. The more I found out about who I am, the dynamics of how I work as a bundle of energy, and what I can do because I am that bundle of energy, the more power I realised I have over making my life how I want it to be.


I had to change all the relationship patterns I saw playing out in my life. Many of those patterns had influenced my behaviour so much that I had almost forgotten who I was. I did some ethnobiological fieldwork in Gambia to research what was known by the local community about the healing resources in the local environment. It turned out that everyone knew something about how to make themselves better, but the two healers in the village held more knowledge than any one individual. It was the first time I really understood that anyone could learn to do healing... that I could learn to do healing. The next challenge was -  HOW?

I finally came across the College of Healing in the UK, which had been set up in the 1980s by a group of psychotherapists and doctors. They had compiled a course to deliver the highest professional standards in the teaching  and practice of healing. Over the 4 years of training, I also studied a whole bunch of other alternative therapies because I wanted to find out everything I could about how to look after myself and my loved ones.

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Learning about energy was the easy part. The harder part was applying what I had learnt to keep my own energy levels up, stay well, and stop giving all my energy away. One of the things that really made an impact on me in my healing training was learning that, because energy resonates with energy that is like it, any energy that is in my energetic field will be resonating with energy that is like it in the world around me. This is the principle that underpins the 'Law of Attraction'.


 Dense energy in my body, mind and emotions stops life force energy flowing through me, reducing my vitality and making it harder for me to stay well.  I realised that the only way to have some kind of involvement in this process is to practice radical self-awareness and find out what energy I am carrying around in my energy field. Clearing old energy from the past and constantly releasing dense energy as it comes up in the present are really important survival tools.


We need to stop generating dense energy like fear, judgement and shame and start generating higher frequencies of energy like love, compassion and joy. We need to acknowledge that we are dependent on the very ecosystems that we are destroying. Diversity is a requirement of those systems and, therefore, our own existence. We need new thinking and effective tools to deal with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual breakdown being experienced by people across the world.


Understanding how my energy field interacts with the energy fields of others, and how to keep on re-sourcing my energy when it is drained by those interactions were two really important survival strategies for me. I'm still sensitive to the judgement of others, but now I have a lot more tools to transform that judgement into love.  I still have to be mindful of those processes every day. I can't make people be nice, but I can change how I deal with them when they behave in ways that place uncomfortable demands on my energy. I am the closest now that I have ever been to feeling free to be myself. I want you to have that freedom too.

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'The biggest shift of all in your personal development is the movement from being in a position where you give all your power away to being in a position where you own your own power.'

Fantastical Thinking - The Real Secret to Working With the Law of Attraction, Jenny Suddaby.

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