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Manifestation 101 Group


The complete Manifestation 101 programme for mastering your ability to use your energy efficiently and effectively to make the life you have the life you want it to be. In this course you will get everything included in the Manifestation e-course but you will also have a gorup of peers who will accelerate your learning process. Manifestation is a complex process. The more insights we can have on how we can get involved in that process, the better we can come to understand our own agency in that process. Working as part of a group accelerates your learning in this. This course includes: 12 90 minute live group coaching sessions 12 session recordings 12 video tutorials. 12 downloadable audio files of intuitive and creative meditations. 12 weeks of exercises to flex your energetic muscles and increase your ability to conduct, measure and transform energy. 12 weeks of tracking to trouble-shoot your progress. Access to an online catalogue of tools for developing your energetic system. A virtual interactive group to share and discuss your progress. Bonus: post course graduation opportunity to access Power Intention Group sessions pending a bookable orientation session.


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