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Learn to Heal Yourself 1-2-1


Learn to Heal Yourself 1-2-1 is an opportunity to look at everything you have been living with up to this point but not had the time to sort out. You will learn how to boost your vitality, creativity and intuition so that you can make grounded choices that bring you nourishing outcomes in life. Every two weeks you will have a live 1-2-1 energy coaching session where you can embellish your abilities to care for yourself as an energy being in human form on earth. Knowledge really is power. The more you know about who you are, how you work and what you can do, the more powerful you will be. You will learn how to use your energy effectively and efficiently to make the life you have the life you want it to be. This course includes: 12 one to one 60 minute zoom sessions. 12 recordings of your sessions. 24 weeks of exercises to flex your energetic muscles. 24 weeks of tracking to trouble-shoot your progress. 12 video tutorials. 12 downloadable audio files of intuitive and creative meditations. Access to an online catalogue of tools for developing your energetic system. A virtual interactive group to share and discuss your progress. Bonus: post course graduation opportunity to access Power Intention Group sessions.


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