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community guidelines


This is not social media! There is no advertising and we ask you not to share anything you see here without the authors' permissions. Yes - we are sociable in our shared interests and yes - you will meet great people in this community - but those people are great because their shared interests are mutual respect and tolerance, open-hearted/ open-minded communication, self-responsibility and holistic wellbeing.

be authentic

Speak from the 'I'. We don't tolerate assumptions or projections so please start your communications with 'I' rather than 'You'. Owning your stuff is the first step towards manifestation.

be constructive 

We’re here to inspire each other to move forward and to lift each other up. Please help each other think bigger and reframe challenges.

be resourceful 

Encourage and support your fellow members. We are here to find new ways of being with each other that generate the safety and support required for exploration and transformation. Deep listening, acceptance, curiosity, patience and a total lack of judgement are required to create healing spaces.

be supportive of yourself

Self-awareness is a key component of being part of this community. Please learn to listen to yourself before you comment on someone else's sharings. Pay attention to what you really feel and what is important to you.


be supportive of others  

Being patient and present with others and listening while they connect with their own heart's desire is the gift you bring to us all. Be kind. Only comment if you have something positive to say. Channel your energy into expressing your point of view with love rather than taking issue with the points of view of others.


share generously

Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another member needs to hear in order to realise something. If we are not creating a safe enough environment for you to feel supported enough to share, please let us know. Your growth is our growth.

 share respectfully 

This is a private community where you can express and explore your potential.  The most respectful way of communicating is by speaking from the 'I'. Please own your own experiences and allow others the time and space to explore their own experiences and ideas at their own pace.

don’t spam, promote, or troll

This community exists to help you learn and grow and express yourself. It’s not a place to advertise, project your ideas onto others or bully anyone else. We ask you not to share anything you see here without the author’s permission. If you see this going on, please let us know.

grow with us

We’re pretty excited about what we’re creating here together in Fantastical Being. If you have any questions about the network, please message us at

Please, contribute with love, support others with kindness

and be the most fantastic version of yourself you can be.


thank you

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