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Jenny Suddaby

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Bsc Hons Anthropology. Fully qualified practitioner of Coaching, Meditation, Energy Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Metamorphic Technique, Reiki, Reflexology.

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 Jenny works at the cutting of edge personal and professional development and rests in the stretch zone of how we conceptualise and language human development. Through innovation and excavation, she seeks to promote a greater understanding of what we mean by colloquial terms like Flow, Love and Energy in the context of the human experience.

Through study and professional practice in meditation, coaching, energy healing, and a range of bodywork therapies, Jenny has explored best practices for how to manage our energy levels. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Working with Jenny, you will develop your own ability to conduct, measure and transform energy from one state to another so that you can:

know yourself

care for yourself in the world

express yourself peacefully and powerfully

Colored Space

“Jenny is a fantastic facilitator and guide in the realm of self-transformation. My own experience was that she held a space for me with intuitive wisdom and great compassion.” 

Lucy Weir,


work with Jenny

The best way to work is how you want to. The best time to start that work is now. Accessing all the resources you need to sustain through this moment can be a concious process that has positive impacts on how the future emerges for you. You can work one-to-one, or with others or on self leadership courses.

Just as the outcome of working with me will be that you can respond in a more creative way to challenge, so we will use that same creativity to synthesise self-healing tools in ways that suit you. For the purpose of simplicity, you can select meditation, coaching or healing as your entry point. As you progress, you will become proficient in using all of these tools as part of your own self-awareness, self-healing, self-development process.

yza rainbow.jpg

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