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international leadership course
6th-8th September 2024
Belmullet, County Mayo

Judy DeLozier and Patty Novick, are both absolute giants in the fields of personal development and social change. These two fabulous elders have decades of experience behind them and are still generating new ways of applying tools they originally developed. Through their wisdom and expertise, they have developed ways of extending the benefits of their practices so that growth through awareness can be fun rather than hard work. These new approaches encourage some kind of energetic shift to occurr in the mind-body spirit system without us even realising that we have shifted. We just realise that our obstacles are recources.

Their ease of teaching style and breadth of experience make courses feel more like a celebration than an agenda. We are allowed to relax, know we are powerful and really feel what it is like to be valued by our group of peers. And on top of all of this, we come away with tools for life that we can apply to any situation.


Judy and Patty are running the course live from Greece and linking up with local pods across the world to create an international community of people who can support each other in innovative approaches to developing self-esteem, self-care and self-leadership. One of these pods is available on the Mullet peninsula in County Mayo.

We are looking for six people to take part in a 3 day training programme. They will be supported on the course by the trainers in Greece and by a local facilitator here in Mayo. They will be able to fully engage in their own healing process over the three days. After the training we will have the opportunity to continue to support each other by using the tools we learn for our continuing personal and professional development. We can also use those tools and techniques with those who we support through our professional roles and personal relationships, and spread the reach of the work further into the community.  The focus over the three days will be:

a journey into self-esteem,self-care and self-leadership

Judy and Patty have made some videos to give people more information about the structure and content of the course. They can be found on the NLP Greece site. Altough NLP Greece are hosting the course, it is not an NLP course. These gifted women are so familiar with the tools of NLP that they can deliver them to is in ways that give us all of the benefits without any of the struggle. This new approach is based on Generative Change work and a new evolution of NLP that is more focused on bringing resources to present moment being than striving to achieve change. It is about being rather than doing. Change comes as we change. Knowing ourselves and caring for ourselves are the foundations to understanding our desires... what we want and need. What we desire gives us direction and motivation.


Here is a brief outline of what we will cover over the three days. 

Day One : Self-esteem

The foundation for all authentic accomplishment and satisfaction. The day includes identification and celebration of distinctive personal strengths and the creation of a uniquely powerful anchor for accessing those strengths.

Day Two : Self-care
The foundation of wellness, stamina, and alertness. The day’s topics include breath, rest, relationships, and movement, all presented through enjoyable, engaging activities.

Day Three : Self-leadership 
The foundation for remaining true to what matters most to you. The day includes strategies and practices for mastering the inner game of deep self-awareness, reliable self-regulation, and tenacious self-motivation.

For more details about the course, Please have a look at the videos Judy and Patty have made on the NLP Greece site:

growth through community

When you learn new skills, it is helpful to have a safe space to practice using them. Practice allows you to better embed your learning. Practicing your new skills in a community where each member is dedicated to the same core values of self awareness, respectful communication, mutual support and how to really create a win/win culture helps you to apply those skills in the 'real' world.


This course is specifically designed to combine the benefits of an international community developed through online learning with the benefits of having a locally available community and the face to face support that in-person training gives us.

This course is specifically designed to 

Jenny Suddaby has trained with Judy and Patty and will be facilitating the Pod in Belmullet. If you are interested in joining the group, please email Jenny Suddaby at

thank you

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