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fantastical being point of view

we are energy beings in human form on earth


  They say 'if you can't measure it you can't manage it'. Until we acknowledge that we have an energy field around us, we can't manage our energy or have choice over what we manifest every single day. We exist in a field of energy that allows us to be connected to everything. We exchange energy with the environment and everything in it. We have an impact on others and others have an impact on us.

You are a fantastical being! Raising the vibration of your own energy by having a sensory rich experience of your wildest dreams in this moment helps to create the fantastic future you long for. You can learn to use the many tools of energy healing to help you achieve this.

energy flows through all living beings


As humans, we struggle to understand the processes that support life on this planet. A range of cosmologies attempt to explain what we are doing here, how things work and what the purpose of it all is. The reality is, we don't know. Some kind of energy supports all life. Even though we cannot explain what this energy is, or where it comes from. 


we can transform energy from one state to another


Humans are the most complex instruments we know of to conduct, measure and transform energy. We transform energy from the world around us, such as light, into other qualities of energy, such as fear and love. We know that energy resonates with energy that is like it, so we know that by changing our own energy, we can resonate different qualities of energy out into the world.

we can transform our inner and outer worlds


We affect the world and the world affects us. We exchange energy with other people and the world around us whether we are aware of it or not. At the same time, energy in the world outside of us will start to resonate with the energy we hold in our energy fields in each moment. The best way to create a more balanced world is to stay in balance ourselves. The best way to have agency this process is to understand how to be actively and creatively involved in it.

healing is a process of energy transformation


Healing is a natural process of energy transformation that occurrs as we move in and out of balance. When we are in balance, more energy can flow through us. We experience, we integrate, we learn, we come back into balance. Through this process we transform energy from one state to another. There are many modalities that help us get back into balance. There is no hierarchy for these healing practices. The best healing practice for you is the one you will use. 

living 'in the zone' increases energy flow


When we are 'in the zone' we are focussed, joyful and motivated. We feel safe, supported, connected and engaged. Energy can flow thorugh us freely  for our own highest good and for the the highest good of all. Things work out. We find ourselves being in the right place doing the right thing at the right time. We love what we are doing. We understand its meaing. We feel like we have a purpose and we can achieve great things. Everyone can have a sense of being 'in the zone' when they are encouraged to integrate their intuition, vitality and creativity. You can learn how to live 'in the zone'.


intuition helps us be inspired

Intuition helps us answer questions like 'what is is going on here?', 'what is this really about?' and 'what impact is this having on me?' We all want to know what is going to happen. We all want to know what we should do. The not knowing can lead to fear which causes a stagnation of energy flow. We get stuck. Learning to listen to our intuition helps us feel more connected to everything around us  We understand what is needed and what we can bring to any situation. We have more confidence to take action. We make better decisions which lead better outcomes for everyone and everything.


vitality helps us be resourceful


As we become aware of who we are, it's important that we have the energy to do what we love. Doing what we love brings us energy. Boredom, fatigue and apathy can all be cured with a good dose of engagement. But, if we don't have the energy to engage with what we love, how can we love what we do? Nurturing vitality makes us address questions like 'what do I need?, 'what can I offer?' and 'what do I have the energy to contribute?'.

creativity helps us be innovative


New expereinces take us out of balance, we learn, we make adjustments, we come back into balance. This is a natural process that we go through every day. The learning and adjusting requires us to innovate, or we end up doing the same things in the same ways and getting the same outcomes. Moving into the new, changign the energy that we are used to, requires us to ask questions like 'what do I love?', 'what is appropriate?' and 'what is required?'. It is easier to have the courage to grow into new experiences when we can lean into our intuition and vitality for support.

radical self awareness is the route to social healing


Knowledge is power. Thoughts, feelings and experiences are stored in the physical body and the space around it as energy. We measure, conduct and transform this energy with our intuition, vitality and creativity. Intuition helps us to become more aware of the energy of a situation. Our vitality gives us the resilience to grow through challenges. Our creativity helps us respond with love and create safe environments for ourselves and others. The greater the awareness we have of ourselves, the more resilient we remain, the more effective we can be in creating more love in the world.


intuition helps us stay safe

 Feeling safe is a basic human need. Feeling safe enough to to explore the views of others is energy expensive. Reading the energy around us and being aware of the impact it is having on us helps us to create safe and nourishing environments The more we listen to our intuition, the less we are able to ignore pain and suffering of ourselves and others. The more we acknowledge the pain and suffering, the more we can choose to end it. In a world of increasing fake news and mis-information, developing our intuition is a key survival tool. 

vitality helps us sustain through challenge


The more we acknowledge what is going on, in us and around us, the more we need to access all the resources available to us to sustain through the challenges this presents. Judgement is a protective measure we use when we cannot bear the trauma of others. It closes us down. It causes polarisation of views and the associated intolerance. We create strong boundaries between others and ourselves to stop us having to heal or deal with their pain. To be compassionate towards each other we need to maintain our own vitality. Being resources for each other and valuing things that nourish human beings and all life on earth is a direct cause and outcome of living in healthy communities.

 creativity helps us speak truth to power


Creativity comes from feeling connected enough to be aware, resilient enough to be honest and resourceful enough to be generous. We can stay resourced by using a range of healing tools to help us access the energy we need. Being resourced helps us to have the open hearts and minds that allow us to communicate properly. Seeking to understand ourselves and each other helps us grow, individually and as communities. Speaking truth to power takes courage. Staying grounded and in balance gives use a more solid foundation to admit 'it is what it is'. The more we can accept what is real, the more real we can be in our responses.

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