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healing relationships

You don't feel free to express yourself because you can't deal with the judgement you get from other people.

You compromise your own wellbeing by letting other people undermine your authority. 

You don't know how to establish strong enough boundaries to keep you safe.

you feel drained because...

You don't say what you mean or mean what you say.

You don't know how to challenge people who are unkind.

You don't know how to behave in relationships.

I know you can create nourishing relationships


I can show you how to be yourself in relationship more of the time

Develop your ability to use your intuition in relationships.

Strengthen your ability to express yourself clearly and speak truth to power.

Manage how you exchange energy in relationships.

Learn how to protect yourself and others in relationships.


Learn how to get your own needs met without causing harm to others or yourself.

Master how to bring love and happiness into relationships.


Experience the freedom of being yourself in relationships.


 Create nourishing, healthy relationships that bring you and others joy.

Build your energy and feel confident and strong in relationships.

these courses are a great fit for you if...

 You want to be able to stay sane in relationship.

You want to be able to say no to things that waste your time and energy.

You want to be able to be kind without letting people take advantage of you.

You want to know how to deal with people who seem to be mean on purpose.

You want to be able to say what you mean and mean what you say.

You want understand what people mean by holding strong boundaries.

You want to be able to maintain boundaries in relationships that keep you safe and well.

You want to use your energy to create more love, peace and joy in your life.

You want to be able to love deeply without fear.

You just want relationships that nourish you.

you can choose to heal relationships in a group or 1-2-1

Colored Space

“Jenny is a fantastic facilitator and guide in the realm of self-transformation. My own experience was that she held a space for me with intuitive wisdom and great compassion.” 

Lucy Weir,


feel safe

I'm Jenny Suddaby. I'm an energy coach and energy healing practitioner. I help you understand how you are exchanging energy with your environment and what you can do to manage your energy levels.


Neuroscience is providing more and more evidence that supports the fact that humans need to feel safe. There are many healing tools that can bring us a sense of safety and increase the flow of positive energy through our lives. I help you to find the healing tools that suit you best so that you can be your best in the world.

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I spent the first 35 years of my life having no clue about what was going on in my relationships with other people and the world around me. I somehow found a way to survive family life, bullying though school and teen years, my relationship with the world around me, and what on earth I was supposed to be doing about the mess I realised we were in, even then.


Like everyone else, I was born with no filters, into a world of judgement and fear. No-one told me that I was exchanging energy with my environment, or why or how, so by the time I was in my teens I was completely out of balance and depleted, and that didn't really change for a couple of decades. I had a really strong sense that I could not separate myself from other people's suffering and I was always trying to 'make things better' for other people. 


It was only when started my professional taining as a healer that I started learning about how we exchange energy in relationship. I realised that I am constantly in relationship with everything around me and I need to consciously manage that energy in/energy out flow if I want to stay well. The bigger challenge was applying what I had learnt to my own relationships. I realised I had to change all the relationship patterns I saw playing out in my life. Many of those patterns kept me in unhealthy relationoships and influenced my behaviour so much that I forgot who I was and lost what was dear to me.


Understanding how my energy field interracts with the energy fields of others, and how to keep on re-sourcing my energy when it is becoming drained in relationship, were two really important survival strategeis for me, and I still have to be mindful of those processes every day. I am the closest now that I have ever been to feeling free to be myself.  I'm still sensitive to the judgement of others, but I have a lot more tools to deal with that judgement now. I can't MAKE people be nice, but I can change how I deal with them when they behave in ways that place uncomfortable demands on my energy. 

I know from experience that understanding yourself as an energy being and understanding how to manage your own energy in relationships is going to make a massive difference to your life.

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