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mindfulness & meditation

You've tried practising mindfulness and you're wondering what the difference is between mindfulness and meditation.

You've tried meditating and you just can't concentrate for long enough to go deep without falling asleep.

You think there might be some benefit from practising mindfulness and meditation that you haven't been able to experience yet. 

you feel confused because...

You don't know what you are aiming for.

You don't know what questions to ask.

You don't know who to ask about it.

I know you can meditate


I can show you how to practice mindfulness and meditation successfully

You can learn how to experience mindfulness and meditation as energetic shifts in the mind-body-spirit system that have beneficial, real-life outcomes.

You can build your own confidence and own your own authority through the deeply personal process of practicing mindfulness and meditation.

You can practice with, and be supported by, a community of peers who understand that mindfulness and meditation are not competetive sports. 

these programs are a great fit for you if...

you think you can't meditate, or...

you have never even tried to practice mindfulness or meditation before, or...


you meditate regularly but you want to feel greater benefit from you practice, or...

you think there is something you don't know about mindfulness and meditation, or...

you want to be able to stay focussed in your practice, or...

you can't concentrate for long when you start to practice, or...

you feel uncomfortable when you start to practice, or...


you want someone to do your mindfulness or meditation practice with, or...

you just want to find a mindfulness and meditation programme that works.

you can choose to do mindfulness and meditation in a group or 1-2-1

No available programs
Colored Space

“Jenny is a fantastic facilitator and guide in the realm of self-transformation. My own experience was that she held a space for me with intuitive wisdom and great compassion.” 

Lucy Weir,


I found out about how we interact with our energetic environment when I was training to do healing. Manifestation is not magic - it is about working with energy to affect the world around us. It is a process that we all do every day without realising what it is that we are manifesting.

We can all give energy direction with our intention. We can all change starlight into love. Learning about how to work with energy is like remembering what you were never taught but, deep down, you already know, because it is your natural ability as an energy being in human form on earth.


Knowledge really is power. The more we know about  who we are, how we work, and what we can do, the more power we can have over making life the way we want it to be. Understanding what we can have an impact on and how to sit with what we believe we can't have an impact on is essential to being actively and creatively involved with manifesting our own reality.

Because energy resonates with energy that is like it, any energy that is in my energetic field will be resonating with energy that is like it in the world around me.  This is how the Law of Attraction works. I realised that the only way to have some kind of involvement in this process is to find out what I am carrying around in my energy field and change that energy into something I am happy with like joy, peace and love. 


Being able to conduct, measure and transform energy from one state to another is an amazing superpower that we are usually unaware of, and taught little about. It is this superpower that allows us to be involved in the process of manifestation.

feel safe

I'm Jenny Suddaby. I'm an energy coach and energy healing practitioner. I help you understand how you are exchanging energy with your environment and what you can do to manage your energy levels.


Neuroscience is providing more and more evidence that supports the fact that humans need to feel safe. There are many healing tools that can bring us a sense of safety and increase the flow of positive energy through our lives. I help you to find the healing tools that suit you best so that you can be your best in the world.

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