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Buyer Won't Return Item ##HOT##

Hello! I recently sold a video game that was played once, case a little scuffed from a teenage boy's mishandling. My mistake for listing it in the first place as "Like New". Buyer contacted me and opened a case stating item not as described. They assured me the discs were perfect, but the case had some damage. In the gaming world, I assumed (my mistake) that as long as the discs were pristine and unscathed .. I could list it as I did. Buyer was upset that the case had some damage, I offered a FULL refund if they returned back to me. Buyer insisted he wanted to keep the game, but still get a full refund! I said no, please return. They closed the case and left me negative. Was I wrong to ask for them to return to me for a refund? I haven't sold on ebay regularly for a few years and recently got back into it ... did I miss something?

buyer won't return item

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A seemingly nice potential buyer expresses a strong interest in purchasing a bunch of items from your closet. She's a sure buyer, she says. Her only request is to continue your conversation on Whatsapp or somewhere else, for one reason or another (wonky Mercari account, preferred payment method not accepted, etc.). What could go wrong, right? You exchange information, and the next thing you know, your credit card company is calling you for unusual activity. That may be extreme, but definitely, a lot could go wrong, and you wouldn't want to risk it.

The buyer's regret is real, and unfortunately, it tends to happen even more with online purchases as the items are seen and held only upon delivery. Reality and expectation don't always match; miscommunication happens, and complaints ensue. It could be either the seller's or the buyer's fault, but since this article focuses on buyer scams, let's talk about why buyers go out of their way to find fault in something so they can have it sent back and get refunded for it.

While there are inconsiderate buyers who have made a habit out of returning/refunding, there are those who are simply having a bad case of buyer's guilt and are just looking for a little assurance that what they've got is worth keeping. If the latter type reaches out, be professional and refrain from being defensive. Providing great after-sales customer service prevents the case from escalating and reaching the Mercari team.

This is the Level 2 or double whammy of the previous type of scam. Some buyers don't simply nitpick on or make up a story about an item to be refunded for it. They make matters worse for sellers by returning your item in an altered/ruined/soiled condition or sending a different, inferior (or gasp, a counterfeit!) item. This tends to happen with high-value purchases like jewelry or designer handbag. Not getting paid for the purchase and also not getting back your item is a total bummer, especially if you're relying on your reselling gig for extra cash as one of your side hustles.

If this unfortunate case happens to you, make sure to let Mercari know about it within 24 hours (as soon as possible is best, and don't forget to enclose clear photographic evidence). Mercari collects photos of the item for return from the buyers, too, so they will compare the pieces of evidence from both parties in investigating. A friendly note, though: Mercari will not honor your claim if your item or account isn't qualified for Seller's Protection (more on this below).

Carefully package your items with the right box size and shipping label to avoid any buyer's claim of the returned item being damaged on the way back to you. For your peace of mind, you may want to avail yourself of the Shipping Protection offered by Mercari. It provides insurance of $200 in case of loss or damage to the item while in transit. If shipping yourself, consider availing of courier's insurance, and don't forget to enter the valid tracking number into the Mercari system for shipment visibility.

Keep communication lines open and respond promptly. Your timely response to an inquiry or a notification could not just make or break a sale but also win or lose a return claim. Sometimes, buyer scammers get away with their mischief, not because of a lack of strong evidence against them, but because of a seller not responding to the case within a certain period that she's supposed to. So, as a seller and owner of your online business, always check your messages and order status page at regular intervals to ensure you're not overlooking any requests, cancellations, or everything in between.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no set law about return policies in Massachusetts. As long as a product is not defective, a store can have any return policy they want so long as it is clearly disclosed somewhere in the store and you have a chance to read it before buying your product. Defective merchandise must be accepted for return, regardless of any policy, and you must be given the option of a repair, replacement item, or refund of the price.

While the majority of eBay packages do arrive at their intended destination, it is an unavoidable fact of life that some do not. Whether delivered to the wrong address or damaged enough for the label to be unreadable, having an item go missing is disappointing for both eBay buyer and seller.

With valid tracking information showing that the item has been delivered to the intended destination within the correct time frame, the seller does not have to refund or otherwise resolve the situation with the buyer. The seller does not have any liability for the missing item.

As mentioned, the Money Back Guarantee entitles buyers to a refund if the item is not received. Ignoring messages from the buyer or the open transaction claim not help or progress the situation. eBay will take action and the seller is the one with most to lose.

Hi I bought a turbo complete bolt up to engine manifold and when it turned up the turbo was scraing round the housing, the seller refused the item to be returned at our cost and instead refused to do anything stated 40% refund which we never recieved. They then stopped the refund application. I then got a hold of ebay and they said they were looking into this but some time has passed and nothing.

Hi Gemma, I sent a package to the buyer via UPS and the account is Ebay UPS, the parcel was left at the buyers front door but looks like it was taken,I raised a claim against UPS for the loss to the value of 85 because the buyer did not receive the item, UPS advise me they have refunded or advised Ebay about a refund as the UPS account is with Ebay, I am expected to refund the buyer but how do I then get the refund from Ebay for the refund they received from UPS?

Having said that, I would personally wait and see whether the seller receives the item back. It can take a long time for items to turn up when being returned to sender. If the seller receives the item back, they may be willing to give you a refund (minus shipping).

Hi!I would like your advice on this situation. I shipped out an item using USPS and the item has been stuck at one location for about 11 days. The buyer contacted me wanting a refund and claims his package was not delivered. I told him that USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increases and will most likely get to him eventually. What If i refund him and the package stills arrives to his location and I lost my item, and my money? Im just not sure on how to go at this situation because i have no idea whether the package is lost or not.

You mention that them item was delivered according to the tracking number. Is the issue that the buyer claims they did not physically receive the item? If so, you must file a claim with the shipping company.

Hello I have a problem, I won a ring on eBay, and the seller has sent me a signed football instead, I put in a wrong item sent request and the seller has responded saying that his daughter has accidentally double printed and sent both items to me, he wants me to close the wrong item sent request, but if I do I cannot then return the football, he said he wants to make private arrangements to pick the ball up

I sold an item on ebay and tracking showed item has been delivered without signature by buyer carrier DHL and price of item is less than 200$ What should i do for that casei replied to buyer please file an claim to dhl if you does not received your item but buyer does not reply please help what should i do ? Can i refund to a buyer or can i step to ebay tracking showed item has been delivered without signature please help Thank you

5- One buyer purchased two items from me. He paid for one of them and did not pay for the second one for 3 weeks. eBay also sending me messages to ship the first item although buyer asked for couple weeks to make the second payment to ship both together. Still eBay is causing me issues and restricted the account. I asked them to check our communication, but still even though .. they took action against me after 24 hrs of contacting eBay and confirming to me that there is no issue. !!!!!! I am surprised !

As a seller what are we entitled to ? Obviously the buyer gets their money back but the seller has also lost money and item then so what are we allowed to get back ? Seems a bit unfair, do we both get compensation ?

I am a new to the ebay selling platform. I used to strictly be a buyer but wanted get better value for some stuff. I recently purchased Zelda Breath of The Wild brand new factory sealed with receipt. I changed my mind about playing it and decided to sell the product on ebay unopened.I applied bubble wrapping to give the game extra layer of protection and posted the item for sale.

Hi i sent a phone and it has not arrived yet. I posted it 1st class and uploaded tracking details, it is npw 3 days since item was due to be delivered and buyer asking for a full refund. Tracking has not moved for 3 days now and says still have item.. i think its delayed because of covid situation. Do o have to refund straoght away as seller npt willing to wait any longer.What of he receoves phone on a few days and refuses to return it too me..? Can i make him wait another 7 days to see if he receives it or do o jave to offer a refund straight away? 041b061a72


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