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Download Nome In Codice: Broken Arrow

7. Changes Scid vs. PC 4.23Game move/reorder feature -From the gamelist context menu it is possible to move single games to any position in the DB. Seems robust, but please backup DBs. Short 'moves' only require a few si4 writes, longer ones basically rewrite the entire si4 file, and if interupted DB will be broken.Browse multiple games feature - please read help topic.Player Ratings graph can now (optionally) use the ratings history in the spelling "ratings.ssp" file.New Online tablebase lookups by Michael Brown (lokasoft bases are gone), and other minor tablebase window tweaks.PGN Window has a new 'Delete Comment' context menu.MS Windows bugfix - can now have sg4 files larger than 2gb.Allow for globbing/wildcard matches in the Name Editor date fields.Time graph: when we are calulating movetimes from %clk, allow for a TimeControl tag.Give the comment editor some decent colours, and increase board size.Player vs UCI Game - nodes do not have to be in 1000s (helpful for some new chess engines).Tree mask/cache - change 'fill with base' to 'fill with filter', speed up mask fill, and fix up the progress window..Don't auto-focus text widget in comment editor as there may be timing related side effects.New treeviewFont.diff patch which allows the gamelist font to be configured (system Small font).Nicer board arrows.Ensure Stockfish w/d/l percentiles total 100 - author Michael.Better allign the UCI config window widgets - author Aditya.Epd load random position (Control-).

The Score Graph can now display move-times (using "%emt" and "%clk" pgn values).Option to display a black rectangle for the "selected square" instead of a coloured square (Options->Moves->ColorSelected).Several translation updates including a complete German help file from Christian Opitz.The Setup Board window now has a coordinate axis and a flip button.Computer Tournament - Don't enforce a ten-engine limit, have a new statusbar to show progress and the winner, include Uwe Klimmek's carousel scheduling.EPD rewrite from Bonnie A. - Annotations are now compliant with the EPD specification, Flips the board to side-to-move, other bug fixes.In Game Annotation, don't miss analysing last-move blunders.The ECO finder has a basic "Find Opening by Name" feature.A quick Piece Position Search implemented using CQL.Gameinfo window always shows a rehoned "Material Advantage" value.Board Options window can now display all custom piecesets in a gridded manner, and also highlights the current piece style.FICs - Automatically store move-times, some changes to the button/font, and don't store adminBOT tells.Tree Mask - Add 'unfold' option to the Mask window, and fix up some allignment/font issues.Update the Spelling file with Uwe's 2018 update.Pressing 'End' key moves to end-of-variation (if in var) instead of end-of-game.Minor Book Window fixes - enable undo, remove the arrow buttons (use wheelmouse instead), and properly name and document the 'Other Moves' button.Analysis Engines: pressing keys 1 to 5 sets PV.Set undo point when marking squares.Remove Suggested Moves feature.Update Gregors tktext patch to current (2018-08-13).Xboard protocol fixes: setboard should come after analyze, send 'nopost' to xboard engines in comp mode, and acknowledge 'my move' in analysis, as sometimes xboard engines (scidlet) dont send any other infos.Relocate a couple of colour option menus to their proper windows (Crosstable and Score Graph).In PGN import, handle the case when there are two comments for a single move.Bug fixesFix serious built-in-engine and PGN-import errors.Tree - the greying of the tree moves (if the progressbar is hidden) disabled the tree mask's move colouring.Disable gamelist flag/delete menus if read-only.Mate in N fix and hardening.Ignore Country names if they dont look right in the gamelist and database sort.Disable MS Windows screenshot feature (broken in Tk).

Scid vs. PC 4.6 Undo and Redo features (partly from SCID)Microsoft Wind


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