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developing intuition, vitality and creativity


What brings you joy? What opens you up? What creates the conditions where you can respond with love? When we know what we need, we can make more conscious choices about the energy we surround ourselves with. We can take greater responsibility for the energetic outcomes of our actions. We can create love rather than fear.

By deeply exploring who we are, how we work and what we can do, we can cultivate regenerative transformation in ourselves and the world. We are energy beings in human form on earth. We can use our natural abilities to conduct, measure and transform energy from one state to another. We can generate different qualities of energy. Love is a quality of energy that is expansive. It helps us thrive. It is a product of integrating intuition, vitality and creativity. It's not what you know or who you know, it's who you ARE that matters in this work. It’s about being. To manifest love, it helps to be resonating at the frequency of love.

re-sourcing the present


Overwhelm comes from not having the resources we need to meet the challenges we face. Fantastical Being is about bringing all the resources we need into the present moment so that we can live AS IS with resilience rather than feeling that we have to live in an AS IF state to get through the day. 

We can use different healing modalities to resource ourselves through moment-to-moment living. A specific healing modality can give us a structure and a way of working with energy, But the power is not in the modality… it’s in us. The greatest resource we can access to underpin all of our actions is Love. Each person can learn how to bring more love into every situation.


Each person can learn to listen to their intuition. Each person can learn how to nourish their vitality. Each person can learn to express their creativity.

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