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Get the energy you need


Healing brings you more vitality and tranquility. Working together in a session on zoom, we apply healing techniques to whatever is presenting in your life circumstance. You can continue these practices between sessions to further accelerate your healing process. Like breathing and the beating of the heart, energy moves through us without us paying attention to it. This work is about increasing our awareness of how we experience energy and what we can do to enhance the flow of energy through all aspects of our lives. Like water, energy flows from the strongest to the weakest source. The best way to maintain our vitality is to be actively and creatively involved in managing our energetic field, which includes our mind, body, emotions and what we know as the human spirit. Our thoughts and feelings, memory and potential are all held here. We sometimes have physical sensations of energy in the body. An example of language that describes such an experience would be ‘butterflies’ in the tummy. Healing can help us understand these sensations and the information they carry with them. This helps us make better choices about our self-care, health and wellbeing. Healing is about being able to understand, talk about and resolve things we have become ‘stuck’ with. We can learn about the energetic nature of our being and how to allow the processing and transformation of whatever stops us being our best selves. Having healing can help us to stay resourced and have more optimism and confidence. Whatever you start looking at, healing can improve all areas of your life, allowing you to enjoy more of what you love and get the energy you need.

  • Online Session

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