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Make space for yourself


Meditation is the state of being in which we can deeply connect with our intuition and our creativity. Working together in a session on zoom, we apply meditation techniques to whatever is presenting in your life circumstance. You can continue these practices between sessions to further accelerate your process and develop your own mastery of meditation. Meditation is one of our natural abilities. It is a state that we spontaneously drift into without realising it. It creates the conditions where we can re-source ourselves. We can also consciously choose to take ourselves into a state of meditation to create a nourishing, restorative space to build strength and resilience. Every day we are in an energetic exchange with everyone and everything around us. With meditation we can become more aware of our thoughts and emotions. Being able to assess the difference between our own thoughts and emotions and the thoughts and emotions of others helps us to get back into balance more quickly. We all pick up information intuitively without realising it. In the state of meditation, we can consciously read the energy in the world around us and within us. This allows us to make sound choices about what is good for us, which is key to living a successful, joyous life. The ability to observe details without becoming attached to them gives us a perspective which can help us in all areas of life. We can understand more about situations because our minds are more open. We can take an overview and see the bigger picture. This helps us have new ideas and more clarity and determination when moving towards what we really want. All this emerges when you create some space for yourself.

  • Online Session

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