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fantastical being community

Fantastical Being brings together

people who know that energy work is a 'thing'

to explore, in an open-hearted, open-minded way, how we can develop our intuition, vitality and creativity,

so that we can manifest our dreams more successfully.

community hosts

Our community hosts strive to bring you innovative premium programmes, supportive online practice spaces and inspiring content. We collaborate, explore and review practice and points of view around energy work to help you develop a deeper understanding of how to manage your own energy levels . 

growth through community

We spark off our interactions with others. Increasing our ability to experience and talk about the energy that is being generated by our individual and collective actions helps us evolve and make better choices.  A safe space where we can be curious without fear and creative without judgement is one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other.

 The Fantastical Being community supports you in strenghtening your intuitive abilities so that you can be more connected with what the world is asking of you, strengthening your vitality so that you can ground what you want to share, and nurturing your creativity so that you can express your message clearly. You are the key to a brighter future. We all are. We create the future together. 


community guidelines

This community synthesizes what we have in common as human beings through mutual respect rather than trying to prove that there is a hierarchy of experience and practice. Every member matters and we need your help to keep Fantastical Being as valuable, authentic, and safe as possible. Because your wellbeing is so important to us, we have created community guidelines to let you know that we take your safety and wellbeing seriously. 

This is not social media! There is no advertising and we ask you not to share anything you see here without the authors' permissions. Yes - we are sociable in our shared interests and yes - you will meet great people in this community - but those people are great because their shared interests are mutual respect and tolerance, open-hearted/ open-minded communication, self-responsibility and holistic wellbeing.

You can read more about our community guidelines here.



Q&A space for everything

to do with energy

wise words


supportive spaces where members explore their own inner 'guru'

old schooL


'how to' manuals and guides for using a wide range of healing tools 

 SIX senseS


empirical evidence from 'ordinary' people on what works for them

hands on


on-line meets for

 the benefits of regular healing practice




premium programmes with real-life outcomes

new thinking


Fantastical Being is a ‘made up’ concept to remind you that you make up your reality as you go along. The Fantastical Being private online community membership gives you access to a range of resources and online meet-up opportunities. It is a virtual festival of everything to do with creating more healing spaces and manifesting more love in the world. Our intention is to provide relevant, innovative, inspiring, practical information and activities to support you in being your most fantastic self in the present, as well as in the future. Here are some of the areas you will find in the membership space.

resourced resilience


Fantastical Being is about manifesting your most fantastic world right here right now. It's about fully embracing the wonder and potential of each moment of your life, and living AS IS rather than AS IF. To be resilient enough to acknowledge what is present for us, we have to be resourced. We have access to infinite, abundant life force energy. When we raise the vibration of the energy that is already in every cell of our bodies, more life force energy can automatically flow into our lives.  This resourced resilience supports our creative flow.

growth through awareness

We are connected to everything. We are all sourced by an energy that moves through us, whether we are aware of it or not. Through self-awareness, self-healing and self-development we can accelerate the process of finding ways to live harmoniously with ourselves, each other and the natural systems on which our lives depend. 


We are most powerful when we respond appropriately to what is present... when we 'keep it real'. As you learn new skills, it is really important to have a safe space to practice using them. Practice allows you to better embed your learning. Practicing your new skills in a community where each member is dedicated to the same core values of self awareness, respectful communication, mutual support and how to really create a win/win culture helps you to apply those skills in the 'real' world.


growth through vision

Everything we do, everything we think, everything we hope for matters now more than ever before. The things we do can change the world and we can change the world by doing things differently. We learn from quantative science and we also learn from the sense-based empirical science of paying attention to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Your experience of energy is just as relevant as anyone else's. Understanding and accepting that people experience energy in different ways is is a really important first step towards living in a tolerant world. Through reading testimonials and sharing your experiences with others, you become stonger and you strengthen others by acknowledging their experiences. Sharing our experiences of how we are dealing with challenging situations helps us to identify new resources and inspire each other. What you dream today is the foundation of what you do tomorrow. Dream bigger.

integrated ideas


 Fantastical Being brings together people who want to collaborate in order to integrate ideas and practice around developing intuition, vitality and creativity.  It's not what you know or who you know, it's who you ARE that matters in this work. To manifest love, you have to be resonating at the frequency of love. It’s about being. 


We hope this exploratory space will consolidate evidence for what we already know about how we sense energy in the mind-body-spirit system. We hope to generate a body of work that will inform ground-breaking advances in our understanding of how we can consciously create more love, and work with energy with greater integrity.

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