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Kirill Petrov

Zign Track 2 Crack Head by rastcamloti - Issuu

Something to keep in mind:We have heard that some of the Ladder Golf sets that you buy begin to crack or break where the golf balls hit repeatedly - mainly on the rungs. We have not had that problem yet, however. It could be that the tape somewhat cushions the rung when the bola hits it or the fact that we used schedule 40 PVC. At any rate, if you go too thin, you will probably end up with broken or cracked rungs.

Zign Track 2 Crack 3

Ladder rungs: I put colored electrical tape on the rungs to mark them. However it seems to have another positive quality. My son-in-law bought a Ladder Golf set for his parents (without tape on them) and at least one of the rungs have cracked (they were also made out of PVC). With the electrical tape on them, it may dampen the ball hitting it enough to protect it from cracking. Only time will tell.


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