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HACK Poser Pro: 2012 And Content Library

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HACK Poser Pro: 2012 And Content Library

The aims haven't changed at all -- we are here to make available the sum of human knowledge by curating the best free-content (encyclopediadictionarymedia repositoryrepository of textbooks and manualslibraryrepository of open datacollection of educational resourcescollection of quotationsdirectory of speciesnews servicetravel guide...) and free software that enables the same we can. They've just got harder.

Several Wikisource projects now have a sizeable set of works available, and we now have Wikidata to store and organize data pertaining to the nature of each work. However, many works have either had their data items created by bot, or have not had data items created at all. In addition, well-meaning (but misguided) editors have incorrectly added information to Wikidata based solely on interwiki links, even though each translation of a work should have its own data item to track publication, language, translator, date of translation, etc. Further, there is no automated mechanism in place to allow for interwikis between works on different Wikisources, nor will copies of works appear in the left bar of links at Wikipedia, since individual publications have separate data items from the data item for the work. For example, there is one data item for Don Quixote by Cervantes to which all the Wikipedias link, but each translation, and each edition of Don Quixote has its own separate data item under Wikidata's model. So Wikisource is left out of interwiki connection, and users must know Wikidata structure in order to crawl through it manually to even determine whether a translation of Don Quixote exists in any given language. Further, most Wikidata items for works and editions lack basic library catalog information such as: standard title, LoC call number, ID values for library databases (VIAF, GND, BnF), so that Wikisource content often cannot be found unless the search is make at Wikidata or the particular Wikisource that houses it. IT should be the case that, with full data added, a query can be made remotely and matching data found. Some Wikisource works are now appearing in Library of Congress database searches, and this raises the profile and accessibility of our content far more than we could do alone.

So we need: (1) A mass effort to correctly set up data items for content of the Wikisource projects. (2) Tools to allow automatic interwiki connections between the various data items for editions/translations of a single work for the benefit of both Wikipedia and Wikisource (and Wikibooks). (3) Mass addition of library database information from major world libraries (LoC, GND, BnF) to the data items for works and editions so that Wikisource content will be easily found globally through database searches.

I looked at my watch. It was barely half-past 5 o'clock, and as yet no onewas stirring in the house. Thoroughly perplexed, I threw myself into a chair atthe window, and opening the sash, let the cool morning air refresh my temples,while I sat recapitulating to myself the strange occurrences in the library thenight before, and wondering what bearing they could have upon the scene I hadjust witnessed. How long had Belle Staunton been with Clive, and what hadbrought her to him I remembered how studiously she had been wont to avoidClive's room, and indeed all intercourse with him during Mr. Coxton's sojournat Glen Elc, and I marvelled not a little at her boldness in seeking him nowand at such an hour. Her posture had clearly been that of a penitent, and yetwhen I recalled Mrs. Cunninghame's exclamation of dismay on reading thecontents of the mysterious strip of paper that night, it had been her son whomshe apostrophised with such painful emphasis, not Belle Staunton. 1e1e36bf2d


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