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Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah defines the concept of worship in Islam and explains that to be a true "slave of Allah" is a status of both virtue and nobility. The title "slave of Allaah" is one of great honour which Allah bestowed upon the best of creation, Muhammad (SAW). Ibn Taymiyyah highlights the prevalent traps which people fall into, when becoming enslaved by, or allowing their hearts to become attached to worldly objects. The emphasis is on servitude to Allah which is adorned with the true love we hold for Him in our hearts -- a matter of central importance for every Muslim.

Amongst these benefits is also the fact that the knowledge of the most beautiful Names of Allah and of His Most Exalted Attributes brings about their effects of servitude and humility. Every attribute has a specific form of servitude connected to it, these are the requisites of this attribute and the requisites of possessing knowledge and correctly understanding the attribute. This covers all forms of worship that are manifested upon the heart and limbs.

If he knows that Allah is rich, generous, kind, merciful and is enormously benevolent, this will create a strength of optimism, and this optimism will give birth to many types of hidden and apparent servitude, all in proportion to his understanding and knowledge.

In light of this, one sees that all forms of servitude to Him are related back to the dictates of the Names and Attributes.qluetip title=[26]Refer to Miftah Dar as-Sa'adah of Ibn al-Qayyim, pages 424-425. For a similar but more detailed discussion, see Al-Fawa'id, also by Ibn al-Qayyim, pages 128-131/qluetip

Furthermore, the servitude that Allah has enjoined on His slaves and demanded them to enact, the obligatory and voluntary of them, are distributed among the heart, the tongue and the limbs. Each of them has a servitude specific to it.

Examples of servitude of the tongue that are specific to it are reading the Qur'an, takbir, tasbih, tahlil, seeking forgiveness, praising and commending Allah, sending salah and salam upon His Messenger and other actions that can only be done by the tongue.

As for the servitude of the limbs that are specific to it, examples of this are sadaqah, hajj, prayer, ablution, proceeding towards the mosque and other such actions that are only possible with the use of the limbs. 1e1e36bf2d


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