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Where To Buy Chloe Bags

For a timeless, classic piece, you can't go wrong with a Chloé bag. The renowned Chlóe style, combined with high-quality materials, creates beautiful bags to match any outfit, whether it's a mini bag for a chic, casual look, or a black clutch to make a dramatic statement. Explore our collection of Chloé handbags and Chloé purses here.

where to buy chloe bags

Founded in 1952 by French designer Gaby Aghion, Chloé is your go-to label for bohemian-inspired bags. Embodying Parisian luxury, the Marcie, Baylee, Elsie, Faye and Drew bags have reached iconic status. Crafted from leather and suede, bags range from shoulder silhouettes to cross-body. With designs ideal for day and night, each strikes the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. Explore a range of neutral hues and rich color, with the brand logo adorned on every bag.

Chloé's iconic handbags depict ethereal femininity. Chloé saddle bags reflect the brand's bohemian identity through colorful embellishment and suede fringing, while elegant, feminine sophistication is expressed by the usage of pastel tones and curved silhouettes on purses such as the Chloé Marcie.

In 1966 Karl Lagerfeld was appointed head designer of the brand and the luxury label consumed clients such as Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot. In addition to clothing, shoes and accessories Chloé launched bags. The first of the brand's handbags were the Chloé Paddington and soon after the Chloé Paraty, both of which were quick to become iconic within the world of designer purses.

Chloé handbags aren't just designed for city looks. They are also a perfect option for women who desire a free-spirited aura surrounding their look. As well as those women embracing the beaches of an exotic location. Pair a Chloé shoulder bag with a maxi dress and ballerinas for a bohemian vibe.

Egyptian-born, Parisian designer Gaby Aghioni modelled a niche after the lifestyles of her own friends in 1952. These were women who...Read more With an illustrious women-led journey, the Chloé of today is a label that represents the epitome of Parisian chic. Tapping into the accessories market with a legacy of over 70 years, Chloé's bags are all about embodying worldly glamour and a playful, aristocratic elegance.

A versatile style that has been adapted to many shapes and sizes, the Darryl Bag from Chloé bags collection is characterized by intertwined rings of leather or metal. The Darryl Saddle Bag from Chloé bags is designed in a size that is convenient for everyday use which makes it the perfect practical purse. The Darryl line also includes an oversized evening clutch crafted from grained and smooth calfskin with a distinctive, easy-going identity. Crafted in a barrel silhouette, the Darryl crossbody is a bold twist to this signature line of Chloé bags.

I'm mentioned this before in other articles, I highly recommend you take a photo of your phone of all the VAT tax refund paperwork. I would love to hear your experiences with shopping for luxury brands and bags in Paris, did you find it was cheaper in Europe?

Setting out, the goal of our research was to provide a universal way to authenticate ANY Chloé hang bag. But, as with life, that turned out to be more complicated than it seemed. Aside from quality and craftsmanship, Chloé doesn't subscribe to universal telltales across her products. Different styles of purses from the Chloé Faye, to the Chloé Drew and Chloé Pixie bags all have different attributes that make them unique. Therefore, as a disclaimer to this post, it is crucial to emphasize that the process of authenticating a Chloé bag should be done at a secondary level on a product-style-basis, and not only on the higher brand-basis level.

Placement Rules. Unlike most brands, Chloé's branding is subtle, opting to showcase the product's thoughtful style over creating a walking advertisement. However, a real Chloé handbag will ALWAYS have the brand's word logo embossed somewhere on the exterior portion of the bag. This can be either on the fabric itself as seen on this Chloé Faye bag (left) and Chloé Marcie bag (center), or on the hardware as seen on this Chloé Annie bag (right).

Part of the reason for the disclaimer above is because we noticed counterfeit bags would adhere to the Embossing Rule, but wrongly apply the placement of word logo for the type of bag it was purporting to be. Take this fake Chloé Faye bag. Among its several inconsistencies, the exterior logo should be on the outside flap directly above the stitching (as seen on the left), but was omitted in the fake (shown on the right).

Chloé bags have been around since the 1950s. The French luxury fashion house has grown to become a world-class luxury brand of bags, shoes, and apparel worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Emma Stone, and Cameron Diaz.

Designer bags have some of the best stitching found in a bag, and Chloé is no different. Expect quality stitchwork from a genuine bag, and that the stitches contain no irregularities or uneven patterns.

See by Chloé is a younger and more affordable wear-everyday collection from French luxury brand Chloé. Some authentic See by Chloé bags sold at Shopbop are listed as being made in India and Turkey. Shoes from the same brand are made in Spain.

The price point of this designer bag at under $1,200 (some options might be a little over depending on the color and material) is good for the size of the bag. Many bags with designer labels can cost thousands.

A bag made for everyday wear. Our Chloe bag is nothing short of the perfect size. It's small enough to carry everywhere you go and big enough to hold all the essentials and maybe a little bit more. Comes with a fashion strap as well as a simple thin leather strap. Switch it up for different looks! Say hello to the everyday bag you've been dreaming of. Bag Details:

Next year, Chloé, the fashion house founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952, will be 70 years young. Launched as a ready-to-wear brand at a time when the category was still emerging, Chloé has always been known for its Left Bank bohemianism. Aghion made a habit of presenting her collections at eateries, such as Café de Flore, where models walked among the tables, a move that was as down-to-earth as it was free-spirited. 041b061a72


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