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Wireless Communication By Mullet Pdf 49

a MLPE linear mixed model R2 between \(F_\rmst^\rmmod\) and \(F_\rmst^\rmobs/(1-F_\rmst^\rmobs)\). Filled dots highlight the 37 significant correlations (p value*). Note that some results reported by a given study are analyzed separately: (i) Weber et al.87 used nuclear DNA marker (1) and mtDNA marker (2); (ii) Carreras et al.58 considered all the loci together (3) and then only the Mediterranean outliers loci (4); (iii) Marzouk et al.88 analyzed nuclear DNA marker (5) and mtDNA marker (6). Error-bars for all studies represent the 95 % confidence intervals. b Network representation of \(F_\rmst^\rmobs/(1-F_\rmst^\rmobs)\) (observed \(F_\rmst\), left) and \(F_\rmst^\rmmod\) (modelled \(F_\rmst\), right) and their corresponding scatterplot for the flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus;61 red dot in a). c same as b but for a seagrass (Cymodocea nodosa;62 red dot in a). Source data are provided as a Source Data file. Icons credit: vectors market, Agne Alesiute, Elisabetta Calabritto, Luis Prado, Joi Stack, Tatina Vazest, mindgraphy, Oleksandr Panasovskyi, ProSymbols, Sean Maldjian (changes were made on all the icons, Creative Commons BY 4.0 license).

wireless communication by mullet pdf 49



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