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Kirill Petrov
Kirill Petrov

PAC-MAN And The Ghostly Adventures !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Lord Betrayus is a white and black ghost with sharp teeth and red eyes. He has spiky ghostly hair, and wears three black belt straps on his chest in a gothic manner black, and black prosthetic gloves with claws (as Ghosts appear to have no hands in the show). He also bears a long mustache and a form of a goatee.

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures

Betrayus has the standard abilities common to all Ghosts, such as flight, intangibility and possession. As he is already dead, he is incapable of being defeated if his ghostly form is eaten, and he will simply form a new one in due time.

Resistance to Possession (Pac-Man drank milk containing ghosts that tried possessing others but wasn't affected in the slightest, and eats ghosts on a daily basis without being possessed anyway), Black Holes (Pac-Man can travel through black-holes without being harmed or affected in the slightest), Intangible attacks (Pac-Man was unaffected by ghostly-based swords used by ghost pirates), Forcible Transformation (Pac-Man can negate being forcefully transformed by eating his power berries), Soul Manipulation to an extent and Corruption (Digital Pac-Man was given immunity to remain unaffected by a ghostly-based virus that was corrupting all of Pacopolis's technology), Energy Drain and Possibly Death Manipulation (Pac-Man's power berries have the power to protect him and others from the negative effects of the Netherworld's atmosphere, which not only drains energy from victims but can turn them into ghosts without protection) 041b061a72


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