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Where To Buy Fresh Turkey Tails [VERIFIED]

The way that groups of turkey tail mushrooms grow together in a cluster, combined with their coloration, is where the name comes from. The mushrooms look similar to the tail of a wild turkey in both shape and color.

where to buy fresh turkey tails

Underneath a turkey tail cap, the pore surface can vary from white to a pale brown color. The entire underside is covered in tiny pores. A one inch (2.5 cm) area can have anywhere from 75 to 150 pores.

Start with five cups of water and one cup of turkey tails. Most of the water should evaporate and you should end up with one cup of concentrated turkey tail tea. Then you can simply strain the mushrooms out of the water and drink it.

When buying turkey tails, pay special attention to the ingredients. High-quality products will contain only turkey tail mushroom fruit bodies. Lower-quality products will also contain mycelium, primordia and spores which contain little to no medicinal value.

When looking for turkey tails, pay special attention to hardwood trees. Look near the base of dead stumps, on the trunks of downed trees, or even on branches. Although turkey tails mostly grow on hardwood, you can sometimes find them on coniferous trees as well.

Turkey tail mushrooms have several look-alikes. With a little bit of investigation, you should be able to easily sort out true turkey tails from their imposters using the information we shared above though.

Turkey tails also come up in discussions of the health epidemic gripping these islands. American Samoa has an obesity rate of 75 percent. Samoan officials grew so concerned that they banned turkey tail imports in 2007.

If Americans were more interested in eating turkey tails, some of our supply might stay at home. Can we bring back so called nose-to-tail animal consumption? This trend has gaining some ground in the United States, but mainly in a narrow foodie niche.

So, use our 4-point checklist below to help you find the real deal. You can then put your newfound powers of mushroom deduction skills to good use on your next forest walk. If you decide to forage what you find, you can take some fresh turkey tail home to make a healthy tea.

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Are the pores fairly easy to see, or do you really need to squint to see them? Some Trametes species have larger pores, with roughly 1 to 3 pores per millimeter. True turkey tails have very small, pores that are only just barely visible, at a rate of 3 to 8 pores per millimeter.

I made a turkey tail tea from turkey tails I harvested off of our land here in North Central Florida. I boiled them and then simmered for an hour, and added the smallest bit of honey. That tea was absolutely delicious. It had a hint of mushroom flavor, not overpowering. We really enjoyed drinking it hot when it was first made and then chilled from the refrigerator afterward. I had previously made a Ganoderma Decoction, and it was as expected, bitter like medicine. I mix that with juiced ginger to help it go down. If that Turkey Tail Tea is medicinal, I am all on board!

Turkey tails are generally taken as a tea or taken in powdered form in a capsule. They are also included in this mushroom chai latte mix -Sigmatic-Turkey-Reishi-Mushrooms/dp/B07CYWMP97/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=mushroom+coffee+turkey+tail&qid=1555628238&s=gateway&sr=8-42&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=selfrelianc0e-20&linkId=88d40176f022e50c345e905bde289b5e&language=en_US

Samoans traditionally eat a healthy diet of bananas, coconut, taro, and seafood. Since meat was scarce on the islands, the poultry industry started discarding their turkey tails on the Samoan Islands. By 2007 the typical Samoan was consuming 44 pounds of turkey tails a year! As you can imagine, their once-healthy lifestyle became sickening with Samoans now having a 93 percent rate of being overweight or obese.

In 2007, Samoa put a ban on the import of turkey tails to start healing their country. The ban on turkey tails influenced the locals to buy healthier food. The powerful U.S. poultry industry, of course, did not like this. Samoa had been trying to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) for years. When they applied to become members, they were told their application was blocked until they started allowing turkey tail imports! In 2011, the government of Samoa gave in and lifted the ban so they could participate in the WTO.

While many recipes I found online involved using turkey tails to flavor beans and rice, collard greens, or stews some recipes used the turkey tail as the main course. I encourage you to try them roasted, smoked, slow-cooked, and marinated. It would be great to see what Backyard Poultry readers can come up with and we might even feature you in an upcoming issue. We must take responsibility for our food choices. I believe if you are going to eat meat, you should consume more of the carcass. People need to be treated fairly. We should not be putting onus on countries to buy our unhealthy byproducts.

Arrange as a single layer, spaced apart (not touching each other) in large baking pan. The best approach is to cook on a wire rack or oven safe drain pan that sits inside a roasting pan. If you do not have a pan with a rack, make sure that you drain the fat off every hour or so to allow your turkey tails to become delightfully crisp and baked to perfection.

All hail the turkeytail! No matter where you live in the world, this medicinal mushroom lives nearby. Indigenous to all continents except Antarctica, turkeytails have been gathered and used medicinally for hundreds of years.

UDATE: (March 2020) There is growing evidence that many turkeytails found in Australia (and probably elsewhere) are not an exact match for the type specimens of Trametes versicolor in gene banks around the world. This suggests that there may be many close relatives of Tramets versicolor that have yet to be formally described. Identifying Trametes versicolor by looking at the macroscopic features listed above or via photographs may not be enough to be sure you have actually found Trametes versicolor. That said, there is also no evidence that any fungi that have all the above-listed features are dangerous and we consider it likely that they share the same medicinal benefits as Trametes versicolor. Thanks to Jonathan MacGibbon from Selby Shrooms for his excellent work uncovering this facinating information. 041b061a72


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