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Dynamic Bone V1.1.7 Download [CRACKED]


Dynamic Bone V1.1.7 Download [CRACKED]

we have shown that the effects of load and frequency on the elastic and viscous moduli of articular cartilage and bone are only partly due to the thickness and strength of the tissues, which together define their mechanical properties. we have also shown that, when the cartilage-bone interface is accounted for, it becomes possible to predict the responses of isolated cartilage and bone to applied loads and frequencies. the findings suggest that the joint interface, and the complex interaction of the cartilage and subchondral bone tissues, may play a critical role in joint function. it should be noted that the findings reported here have been obtained for isolated cartilage and bone tissues, rather than for intact joints. further work is needed to assess the validity of the findings for intact joints, and to determine whether the results that we have obtained are typical of joint behaviour.

in summary, our data indicate that a single cartilage layer could be sufficiently compliant to transmit loads between the cartilage and underlying bone, and that articular cartilage is viscoelastic over a range of frequencies that spans the physiological range of loading conditions. these findings open up a number of new areas of research, which include the development of materials that can mimic the viscoelastic properties of articular cartilage, and the use of these materials to treat damaged joints. we also believe that these data will enable a more accurate interpretation of current data sets, which are already in the process of being collected for the use of dynamic mri for the detection of early oa. 3d9ccd7d82


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