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TRAFFIC SAFETY FACTS & DATA PUBLICATIONS Bicyclist Fatality Data Visualization Tool There are two main types of crashes: the most common (falls), and the most serious (the ones with cars). Regardless of the reason for the crash, prevention is the name of the game. There are things you can do to decrease your risk of a crash. First, know some of the latest bicycle safety facts:

NHTSA is dedicated to promoting safe motorist and bicyclist behavior through education and enforcement efforts. We provide bicycle safety tips, educational material and other resources. We also conduct public awareness campaigns, such as National Bike Month, encouraging motorists to share the road with bicyclists.

Colleges and university campuses are unique environments for their high density, stimulating atmosphere and defined boundaries. These factors make them ideal environments to incorporate bikes. Many colleges and universities have built upon these good conditions and embraced the enthusiasm for more bicycle-friendly campuses by incorporating bike share programs, bike co-ops, clubs, bicycling education classes and policies to promote bicycling as a preferred means of transportation. With the goal to build on this momentum and inspire more action to build healthy, sustainable and livable institutions of higher education, The League created the Bicycle Friendly University program.

State Bicycle Maps: Download ODOT bicycle maps below. To request paper copies of State Bicycle Maps and other publications, please send a request to or contact the Map Order Hotline (503)986-3556. To request bulk quantities of bicycle maps and other publications, visit our Publications Store

Sidewalk Improvement Program (SWIP) and Quick Fix: To help ODOT meet ORS 366.514 requirements, State Highway Fund dollars are allocated to each ODOT region for bicycle and pedestrian improvements on or along state highways. Project funding requests are submitted by the ODOT Region Active Transportation Liaison on a rolling basis. Projects may be delivered by a local agency via an Intergovernmental Agreement. The ODOT State Pedestrian & Bicycle Funding Programs Manual provides information on funding levels, eligibility criteria, application, and management process for these funds.

Oregon Community Paths (OCP): OCP combines funds from the Multimodal Active Transportation Fund (formerly Connect Oregon Bike/Ped), Oregon Bicycle Excise Tax, and federal Transportation Alternatives Program to fund primarily off-street pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The first application cycle for this competitive grant program will be in late 2020.

All Roads Transportation Safety (ARTS): The ARTS, Program is designed to address safety needs on all public roads in Oregon. Local agencies and ODOT regions submit applications for bicycle and pedestrian projects to support this systemic approach.

The costs of bicycle injuries and deaths from crashes typically exceed $23 billion in the United States each year.3 These costs include spending on health care and lost work productivity, as well as estimated costs for lost quality of life and lives lost.

The Bicycle Friendly Driver program is a 1.5 hour interactive class, taught by Bicycle Ambassadors, that is aimed at educating all drivers on the best and safest ways to share the road with people on bicycles. The class addresses:

Bicycle boulevards are streets with low motorized traffic volumes and speeds, designated and designed to give bicycle travel priority. Bicycle Boulevards use signs, pavement markings, and speed and volume management measures to discourage through trips by motor vehicles and create safe, convenient bicycle crossings of busy arterial streets.

Many local streets with low existing speeds and volumes offer the basic components of a safe bicycling environment. These streets can be enhanced using a range of design treatments, tailored to existing conditions and desired outcomes, to create bicycle boulevards. Design treatments are


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