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Jagged Alliance Back In Action 1.13g Update


if you want a strategy game that feels more like a video game than a traditional rts, jagged alliance: back in action can be a lot of fun. it has a lot of polish and its character design and voice acting are really great. the game is fairly easy to pick up and play, and it will hold your attention for a number of hours.

back in action has a few issues, but they are hardly deal breakers. the biggest problems are with how a few pieces of information are presented; some are presented in a fixed position and are very difficult to move. other pieces are presented in a fixed position, but the information is either not relevant or cannot be moved to the desired position. still other pieces are presented in a fixed position, but the information cannot be moved or cannot be moved in the desired position. regardless, the information is present in the first place, which indicates that the game has the potential to be a good little game. some of the issues are easily overlooked, and some of the issues are easily fixed; no matter what happens, you can always just reload a save and start over. just as in the original, the game rewards a bit of patience in your attention to detail. it's a simple game, but it's a fun one.

jagged alliance ii is the sequel to jagged alliance. the game was developed by a small group of former jagged alliance developers and is published by jagged entertainment, a small development studio based in sheffield, england. the game was released for windows in 2000, and mac os in 2002. it is named after the trademarked phrase "jagged alliance." 3d9ccd7d82


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