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Fantastical Thinking - the real secret to working with the Law of Attraction!

A simple to use manual that gives you exercises to master your powers of manifestation.

Fantastical Thinking is a practical self-help manual to help you work more successfully with the Law of Attraction, which simply refers to the fact that energy resonates with energy that is like it. The Law of Attraction is in operation whether we are aware of it or not, so we may as well start to use it to our advantage.

This book is designed specifically to help you do that.The book includes exercises to help you develop self-awareness and use relaxation, centering, affirmation and visualisation to help you make the life you have the life you want it to be. It provides a structure that can be used by individuals as part of a self-help programme, or by practitioners doing self-work or working with clients.

The theory addresses some misconceptions about the Law of Attraction. Just to is not your 'fault' if you do not have everything you want or if you experience misfortune. There is a lot of sensationalised material available at the moment about the Law of Attraction, emphasising that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. Whereas the essence of this does bear some truth, in that we can choose our thoughts and behaviours, there are so many variables in operation which influence our reality that we cannot possibly compute their effect on us with the tools and cultural beliefs currently available to us.

It is most important that we do not use the Law of Attraction as just another excuse to blame ourselves, or others, or to take on the judgement and blame of others for that which we don't understand. That approach only dis-empowers us. With so many unknown variables at play, what we CAN do is focus on what IS within our realm of influence. We can change the energy we attract into our lives by CHANGING OUR OWN ENERGY.

The one thing we can have control over is the mind. As you change your thoughts, you can know there will be a corresponding shift in energy at other frequencies of energy, namely the emotions and physical body. As you raise the vibrational frequency of your own energetic field, a similar vibrational frequency of energy from your environment will start to resonate with your own. This is how the Law of Attraction works.

The biggest shift of all in your personal development is the movement from being in a position where you give all your power away, to being in a position where you own your own power. You can use the tools that you have to do what you can to work co-creatively with the Law of Attraction.


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