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The Power of what - manifestation through loving listening

What do you want? What could you want if you were given enough space and time to explore your own nature, your own being, your own preferences?

Most of us don't get the opportuity to find out. Most of us trundle through the days and nights of getting on with the week, without us, or anyone else really having the time to pay attention to our hopes or dreams. And so our life becomes the getting on. The getting through. The getting by.

Creating an opportunity to listen with love - to ourselves or to another - is the beginning of the manifestation of something wonderful. When we get the opportunity to be listened to, we get the opportunity to listen to ourselves and to listen to someone else listening to us. When we get the opportunity to offer a listening space to someone else, we have the honour of watching an amazing human being begin to realise their own concerns, their own needs, their own potential.

Many healing practices involve listening as a foundational step. We don't need to be professional therapists to create healing spaces for each other. Listening to someone with love means allowing them to be where they are without passing judgement on them. It means being beside someone while they have the courage to look at something they do not usually have the resources to address.  It means offering them compassion and believing in their ability to work out for themselves what it is they want.

Listening is free and it is the most amazing resource that we can gift to each other. If you are interested in creating a Loving Listeing group in your community, please reach out and I can send you some resources that might be helpful.


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